um just a bit of advice. when someone tells you they self-harm, you

don’t: looked pissed and yell “omg if u fucking cut again im gonna fucking kill u”.

do: u fucking smile. because this person trusts u enough to tell u this.
u fucking smile.

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Whenever someone refers to the gay community as “queer folk” I imagine us all like woodland sprites, we are the queer folk community, we are born of flowers and fairy dust, we are destroying the sanctity of marriages and corrupting children

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damn my friends are talented

i mean they are giant nerds

but damn talented nerds

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Gentle reminder that people working in customer service are paid to be nice to you and you should not fucking flirt with them because you’re probably making them extremely uncomfortable you piece of shit don’t force us into engaging your gross ass

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  • Me:should i get a life or watch another tv series
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Why did Barty Crouch Jr. quit drinking?

Because it was making him Moody.


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  • aww thx

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  • Anonymousdo u watch anime
  • yeah it’s like the only happiness left in this world

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